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Powerhouse couple joins KMD Books [ Publishing House ]

KMD Books founder Karen Mc Dermott is delighted to welcome a powerhouse duo to our publishing house as shareholders.

Boris and Yasmin Walter are a perfect fit for our growing and dynamic press. Watch this space! Check out this epic bio:

A power duo and parents, aiming to be the best versions of themselves to further bring value to their children and the wider community. Married in their early 20’s, Boris and Yasmin are examples of how one can, and should, aim at something meaningful and act in alignment with those goals. Like the Yin to the Yang and fire to water, Yasmin is a tough nut that takes fast action, while Boris is always analysing and taking a macro perspective on life.

Yasmin has been an entrepreneur since the age of 17 years old, and is the epitome of executing ideas and maintaining an unparalleled drive to see finished products. Her hunger for success led her to receive numerous awards and build, then successfully exit, multiple start-ups.

Founded on creativity, her two most noted projects are Tagroom TM - A media and technology start-up company for the social, mobile and visual age. It was recognised as one of Australia’s fastest growing independent publishers and an innovative online advertising platform for brands. The company was acquired by New York based, dual-listed technology company MOKO Social Media Limited (NAQDAQ + ASX). The other was Model Camp Australia, a passion led business that was committed to nurturing ambitious models to do more than just look the part. This business was a national modelling academy with production, commercial and talent management verticals.

Boris possesses wisdom and patience beyond his years and brings calmness and perspective. He holds a unique position having a trade background as a boilermaker/coded welder working mining and offshore to then completing a Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling and studying a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Boris owns and operates his own counselling private practice, Chuck B Consulting, and uses hypnosis and meditation as tools to assist clients on their path towards self-knowledge.

Being well read in existential philosophy, psychology and spirituality, Boris aims to pioneer a new therapeutic modality incorporating spirituality and clinical knowledge. He believes this is the future and his books will help bridge the gap of modern materialist science and spiritual awareness.

The opportunity to partner up with KMD Books happened in an idyllic moment of synchronicity. Their eldest daughter Azélia is at a reading age and her curious mind encourages her to create story books, and reads them to her younger sister A’mari. Yasmin loves to educate the younger generation and creates content to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. Boris is a walking library accompanied with his own insightful thoughts. Stepping into a publishing house is simply a natural progression for this powerhouse family.

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