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How I got my smile back [ Brand Ambassador ]

Like most, my bottom row of teeth moved when my wisdom teeth started appearing. They decided to move again when I was pregnant with both babies.

I’m a super confident person however I became increasingly conscious about my smile. I’ve never had braces so this teeth straightening business is new to me. I came across @wondersmile and decided to give it a go.

What I like about this company is you only need to go in once for your initial 3D scan and they post you all your trays. You change them fortnightly without having to go to the dentist! #aintnotbodygottimefordat The best part is they are 60 % cheaper than traditional straightening.

I’m on to my second set of trays and I can already see movement. My treatment is over 5 months, I’ll keep you posted with progress.

UPDATE : My treatment is complete and I'm so happy with the results!

USE CODE “MIN150” and receive $150 off your treatment. These orthodontic designer invisible aligners cost $2390 for your entire treatment.


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