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6 year old writes a book for FIFO kids [6PR Radio]

According to the author, Azélia Walter (6), the real adventures begin when you are missing someone special.

This little creative has her very first book published at the age of 6! Azélia Walter has penned a children's book called The Adventures of a FIFO Kid.

"Fly out day is never fun! Luckily for these kids, they have discovered some fun adventures to go on whilst their parent is away working FIFO jobs.

According to the author, the real adventures begin when you are missing someone special."

Accompanied by her mum and fellow KMD Books author Yasmin Walter (The FIFO Wives' Tales), Azélia attended her first live radio show.

Miss Walter lead the creative direction for her book and would often tell her mum when she didn't agree with her suggestions with a strong "This is my book, I'm the author."

On her social media pages @onelittleauthor, she posts fun art tutorials and slime ASMR videos.

Pictured with her number one fan, little sister A'mari.



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