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These Regulations apply to all Fashion Designers who are approved to showcase at any event operated by 717 Management. It is a condition of such approval that the Fashion Designer accepts and comply with these Regulations and the Fashion Designers Information included on the Website. 

By submitting an Application, the Fashion Designers acknowledges and accepts that the Manager may alter any rule or term of the Regulations or Fashion Designers Information, or make additional rules and terms, from time to time, by posting a notice that there is a change to the Regulations via email. Any further use of the website, or correspondence sent from the Manager to the Fashion Designers with respect to the amended Regulations, after the date of such notice is deemed acceptance of the new Regulations. 

  • Entries may be posted, however cost of return must be covered by designer and the pieces must be received by the deadline.

  • Returns must be arranged within 30 days of the event or items will be disposed.

  • Clothing, shoes, accessories or any material provided will be returned unwashed or cleaned.

  • Entrants will be categorised according to their level of expertise and genre which will then be allocated into the appropriate night.

  • Submit and/or deliver your design to 717 Management for Pretty Little Labels. (Details of delivery address will be sent in your confirmation email).

  • 717 Management for Pretty Little Labels may use your entry photos, or photos or video of you, your entry and models wearing your design at the Fashion Show event in print or web media, for promotional purposes associated with this fashion show and any future related shows. Copyright belongs to the creator of the image or video. The intellectual property for your design remains with you.

  • 717 Management for Pretty Little Labels has overall responsibility for the delivery of the parade, and maintains creative, directional, and conceptual control of all event components.

  • 717 Management for Pretty Little Labels will take all reasonable care to safeguard outfits whilst they are in its custody.

  • 717 Management for Pretty Little Labels cannot accept liability for any loss of or damage to finalists’ outfits during the Parade or temporary public displays, or during travel to or from the Fashion Show/ Exhibition or other sites of display.

  • Financial assistance from 717 Management for Pretty Little Labels is not available to any individual, group, or business applying through this EOI process.

  • Successful applicants must provide business logos and promotional material to 717 Management for Pretty Little Labels as required for display on the day and lead up marketing.

  • Successful applicants with the prior approval of the 717 Management for Pretty Little Labels must agree to use the Model Camp Australia X Common Ground Collective logo (minimum) on all event communications and promotions and encourage ticket sales through their own marketing and social media platforms.

  • Successful applicants agree to be filmed in video or photographs that may be used for promotional or marketing and re sell purposes. No compensation will be issued other than recognition/acknowledgement of your business.

  • Throughout the lead up, during and post the event social media exposure via means such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

  • Certificate of appreciation

717 Management for Pretty Little Labels is not liable for damage, in particular the following: 

  • Damage to property or financial losses

  • Damage caused by fire, water, explosion, violent attacks, storms or other instances of force majeure

  • Damage caused by theft, burglary, breakdown of supply services (such as electricity, gas, water) - Damage incurred as a result of the security regulations under Section 18

  • Damage caused by the general public (in particular, by visitors to the event, other exhibitors, persons acting on their behalf or employees of 717 Management)

  • Excepted from the exclusion of liability detailed above are property damages and injuries to life, body or health caused by 717 Management due to intent or gross negligence

  • Also excepted from exclusion of liability are damages which are customarily insured in the industry and compulsory liability under the Australian Third Party Liability Act.

  • 717 Management must be notified of any damage immediately

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